Next Absolute Beginners salsa course 15th January 2020

8pm start     £5/week 


Beginners Plus 8-9pm (for those who have completed our Absolute Beginners course)

Improvers Class every Wednesday 9-10pm £5/week


St John's Church Hall,

Westhead Ave,


Stafford ST16 3RP

Bring a drink.

Partner not necessary.


Doors Open 7.45pm

8pm-9pm Absolute Beginners and Beg plus

9pm-10pm Improvers


Classes cancelled until further notice due to Coronavirus



We teach 2 Levels of Salsa; Beginners(Absolute and +) and Improvers. Everyone learns at different rates and our teachers will advise you which group you need to be in when you start dancing with us. 

In general we teach Cross-Body style salsa danced on 1. However, from time to time we like to introduce other styles and dances such as Bachata, Cuban Style, La Rueda and Merengue to give our students a taste of the dances and music that is often played at local salsa social nights.

Beginners Counting Music

Slow paced salsa music

Faster salsa music



You do not need to have had any dancing experience before starting in this class. You will be taught:-
To understand the basic timing of the music and how to dance over 8 beats.
Stepping on the spot
Side step
Mambo (forward and back) step
Back step
Right Turn
Dancing with a partner
Cross Body Lead
Positioning of hands and signaling


Note: You will need to be confident at following or leading a Cross Body Lead move and a Right Turn to move up to this level. 
At this level you will be taught:
A Left Turn
A double Handed Turn
A Half Crucifix
A Full Crucifix
A Cross Body Inside Turn
Partner holds, body positioning
Leading techniques and signals
To put together moves to make simple combinations.
Basic Shines (individual style footwork) including Toe Tap, Suzi Q, V Basic and Pechanga taps, Single/Double Spiral


Note: Students at this level must be able to dance in time with the music and confidently manoeuvre the moves in the Beginners plus syllabus to dance a simple routine with a partner.
At this level you should start to be able to use your dance steps to dance socially. You will be taught more partner work and shines including:
Break Back
Cross Body Outside Turn
Hook Turn for leads
Pivot Turn for followers
Drop hand catch
Hair combs
Copa and Copa variations
Around the world 
Arm lock
Touch and go
Shoulder turns
Waist turns

Half right-Half left turn
Chord step
4 corners

Kick pivot
Suzi Q plus
Grape vine
Forward and reverse slide

Triple Spiral


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